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Procedural Dermatology for Southeast Kansas Patients

Precision Skin Care understands that each patient requires a personalized approach to treating skin conditions. For many issues, prescribed medication or injections can resolve the problem. Patients trust our clinic in Southeast Kansas to administer the medical solution that suits their needs and serves their health best. Some skin conditions may require a surgical procedure to remove growths and prevent further issues. We’re trained and experienced in procedural dermatology, and we can ensure you get the best care possible for your skin and overall health.

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Surgical Procedures Available at Our Clinic

Procedural dermatology is a valuable collection of surgical solutions for a wide variety of skin conditions. Our medical staff may use it to remove moles and skin tags or eliminate more severe issues like cancerous lesions and tumors. Precision Skin Care has ample experience providing dermatological care for patients, and we can identify the best procedure to treat whatever skin condition afflicts you.

Let Precision Skin Care Treat Your Condition

When you visit Precision Skin Care, you get years of in-depth knowledge and experience working for your wellbeing. Our clinic offers all the following treatments for procedural dermatology:


We use liquid nitrogen to freeze and remove sun spots, warts, molluscum, skin tags, and precancerous growths.

Curettage and Electrodessication

This treatment can be used for certain types of basal cell and squamous cell carcinomas.

Punch Removal

For this procedure, we remove small skin issues like moles, lipomas, and cysts using a tool that’s matched to the size of the growth to cut it out.

Snip Removal

This procedure involves a medical professional on our staff who snips a growth from your skin. We may use this treatment to remove skin tags or other lesions.


Also called thermal cautery, this treatment passes an alternating current through an electrode to generate heat. We then apply the heated electrode to living skin to achieve varying degrees of tissue destruction, known as hemostasis.

Shave Removal

We can remove growths like lesions, moles, and tumors from your skin by using a razor to “shave” them off the surface.

Surgical Excisions

During a surgical excision, we remove a malignant tumor, lesion, or mole, as well as surrounding skin within a healthy margin. Candidates for this procedure include those who have a melanoma, basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma or an atypical mole.

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